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Okay, so you come up with the idea that lenders need to help those with home mortgages that are upside down, or even predatory in nature, and you say you are going to help people stay in their homes and any bank that took bail out money needs to comply and work with the borrowers… Yet then you will only consider Freddie and Fannie backed loans?

This is ridiculous! You do realize that while Freddie and Fannie might have around 60% of the loans out there, that leaves 40% of people in the exact same position out in the cold?

My loan(s) happen to be in the 40%. I’m stuck here with a 1st and 2nd that I need help with and you’re grand plan doesn’t do a damn thing address the issue.

My “interest only” loan goes up by $1000 in November. I can barely pay the amount as it stands now, at $2000, because the industry I work in is tanking and no one wants to pay a living wage to freelancers any more. No retainers, just piece meal work that doesn’t pay regularly or that much.

WHEN are you and your cabinet, the senate and the congress going to look at anything outside of Freddie and Fannie (ah – both government entities as it were anyway) and truly get with the program?


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