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In 1985 Robert Stanley, a journalist and publisher of UNICUS magazine, was hiking through the Santa Monica mountains that range across the Ventura-Los Angeles County line, when he noticed many unnatural looking formations in the gulches and on the peaks of the area he was in. After researching the history of the area, Stanley discovered the local Chumash Indians had a legend concerning “The First People”, who arrived in the mountainous area long before the Chumash, the first settlement being placed at near 3,000 BC.

The Chumash claim the first inhabitants were called the Mu, and had been wiped out in an enormous flood. They allegedly left behind crystalline sculptures of strange animals and other representations that were found in caves.

All of this strangely parallels the legend of Lemuria, The Lost Continent of the Pacific. It has long been a belief of Geologists and oceanographers that at the end of the last Ice Age, the Malibu sea level would have been at least 200 feet lower than at present, leaving the area between the Santa Monicas and the Channel Islands as an open lowland.

It is beyond dispute that ancient peoples did live in the area, as the oldest recorded human remains in North America, were those of the Channel Islands Woman, dated at 13,000 years old.

Stanley maintains that Lemuria and the Mu were part of the Santa Monicas ancient past and is the expert on this site. He regularly leads explorations of both professionals and laypeople through the area, hoping to find even more proof of the existence of these ancient people, however he will not reveal the most peculiar features in the area, fearing vandalism and curiosity collectors will damage the site.


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